Kimari Spring

This beautiful spring is situated just off Antimachia. There is a small cave inside the building you see from where the water comes out. Unfortunately the door was locked when we visited so we weren't able to have a look and take some pictures. There are two unusual signs for the visitors. One says: "Drink Sirs and bless the creator" (the left hand side one) and the other "Thank you for not leaving any rubbish".

Aghia Eirini Crhysovalantou/Aghios Dimitrios

These two churches are situated close to the Mastichari cemetery. You can reach them by taking the dirt road to your left while going up to Antimachia just after the intersection with the main road (where the petrol station is situated).

The Castle of Emporio on the island of Nisyros

The Castle of Pantoniki is situated at the top of the Emporio village on the island of Nisyros in Greece. The Church which is situated inside the Castle is the most interesting structure you will find. The view of the caldera is simply stunning. One word of warning, it does get very warm in the summer as the sun's heat gets added to the heat emanating from the vocano.

The Vlihadia Museum

This little museum in the village of Vlihadia on the island of Kalymnos hosts a number of artifacts recovered from the sea...

Of Hedgehogs

I woke up early the other day since I had to take the morning flight to Athens. As I came out I happened to stumble on this little fellow. He seemed pretty friendly at first and he tried to approach. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. Unfortunately it was still dark and the flash was necessary. At first he was dazzled, then he got a bit worried but I guess the blinding light from the flash was preventing him from making any moves. I let him be for a few minutes and sure enough he recovers and quickly trots off seeking cover in a forest of bamboo...