The Moussa well

This beautiful well is situated inland near the road leading the Robinson Club. It still has a lot of water in it although it seems that it scarcely used.

The abandoned quarry in Eristos

This abandoned quarry on the hill at the edge of Eristos beach on the island of Tilos is full of machinery from another era. The silence is somewhat disturbing. The number of spiders is also quite impressive, with spider webs filling all available spots.

Fragopigado spring

This spring is situated in the hills on the road that leads to Antimachia from the church of St George in the Mastichari area. There is nothing much to see other than a lot of water and an accumulation of reeds.

The Skala Spring

Situated just off the road that leads to the Robinson club lies this beautiful little spring, the only one around this area...

The Voukolies Windmill

This windmill is situated just behind the Voukolies farmhouse on the road to Limnara in the Marmari area.