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The Zeioula river/stream

A beautiful day at the end of March....

It's an ideal day to go for a hike along the little Zeioula river, right up to the Vourina spring.

The water is still flowing at a decent rate after the recent downpour...

It's the beginning of spring and there's quite a lot of green sprouting here and there. The sun is shinning brightly and at times it gets quite worm so the refreshing stream is quite a blessing.

Stunning views and images that might surprise you...

For those who might be interested here is a link where you can see the details of the hike I did: Garmin Connect

Spring flowers

Spring came early this year after a week of continuous rain. During a hike in Antimachia I couldn't help but notice the myriad little flowers popping out everywhere. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you...


The watermill near Aghios Theologos

This watermill embedded in the rock just beneath the church of Aghios Theologos is in relatively good condition. Finding it might be a little tricky if you do not know where to go...


The picturesque little village of Haihoutes or at least whatever remains of it is situated on the road from the Asclepeion towards Zia just before reaching Assomatos. The village is abandoned for the most part although a very popular taverna/mezedopoleio has managed to rekindle a certain interest in the area. The owners of the taverna have also created a little museum and you can also visit the church of Aghios Dimitrios.

Coal mine shafts in the Miniera area

These are a couple of deserted coal mine shafts that remain relatively intact in the Miniera region in the Dikaios area on the island of Kos in Greece. They are situated in a field some 300-400 meters after the Triantafylopoulos winery on the road that links Lagoudi to the main road.

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