The Vlihadia Museum

This little museum in the village of Vlihadia on the island of Kalymnos hosts a number of artifacts recovered from the sea...

Of Hedgehogs

I woke up early the other day since I had to take the morning flight to Athens. As I came out I happened to stumble on this little fellow. He seemed pretty friendly at first and he tried to approach. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. Unfortunately it was still dark and the flash was necessary. At first he was dazzled, then he got a bit worried but I guess the blinding light from the flash was preventing him from making any moves. I let him be for a few minutes and sure enough he recovers and quickly trots off seeking cover in a forest of bamboo...

Church of Christos o Moscopianos

This is a beautiful church situated in Antimachia. There is a well right next to it. The two ancient columns that support the edifice clearly stand out


The Vourina Spring

The Vourina Spring is situated roughly half an hour away from Kos Town. To enter it you have to go down a long corridor of around thirty meters at the end of which you will get to a chamber with a vaulted roof probably dating back to Hellenistic times. A square opening at the top provides adequate air and light. The water from the spring is channeled towards Kos Town providing most of the town's water. A small chamber can be found at the beginning of the corridor that was probably used by guardians of the spring. 

Church of Christ the Saviour in Mikro Chorio

This Church is situated in the abandoned village of Mikro Horio. The wall paintings are amazing since they have been preserved in excellent condition. It is well worth a visit. The Church dates back to 1430 AD as clearly stated on the sign...