Avlaki on the island of Nisyros

The litlle port village of Avlaki has been abandoned for quite some time. Until the 1950s it was an active port catering to the needs of Nikia. The road down to Avlaki can be found not far from the actual village of Nikia. It is a quiet place where you can take a dip in the beautiful clear refreshing waters of the Aegean Sea.

Aghios Theologos in the Dikaios Mountains

The Aghios Theologos Church is situated on a hillside of the Dikaios Mountains facing Kardamena. You can check the route here: Hiking to Aghios Theologos

Hiking to Aghios Theologos in the Dikaios Mountains

This is a rather difficult hike especially on the way back, as the hillside is quite steep. It starts off on the path to Christos but then veers off about 500 meters or so as you go along. At the crossroad the direction to take is clearly indicated in red letters on a stone "Aghios Theologos". After that the route is relatively clear but marks and indications get rarer as you get closer to the Church.

Going there in summer is not recommended unless you go there early in the morning thus avoiding the heat.

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