Of Water in the Aghios Nektarios area near Kos Town

Just above the Town of Kos in area called Aghios Nektarios, water is plentiful and the sights are amazing. Nature, abundant and full of treasures...

Of Watermills on the Zeioula river near the Asclepeion

On the banks of the Zeioula river lie the remains of seven consecutive watermills They are situated a short distance from the Asclepeion on the road to Zia.
Typically the water was diverted from the river along a channel (as you can clearly see in the case of the third watermill) into a funnel. That increased the velocity of the water which turned the horizontal grinding stones. The force of the water striking a simple paddle wheel set horizontally in line with the flow turned a runner stone balanced on the rynd which is atop a shaft leading directly up from the wheel. These mills were not extremely efficient and that probably explains why there were so many in very close proximity.

The first watermill

The second watermill

The third watermill

Panagia Tsakali

The Church of Panagia Tsakali is situated between Assomatos and Aghios Dimitrios. It is of particular interest because it is a rare combination of church and tower. It is said to have been built around the middle of the fifteenth century although some parts of it date back to the 12th and/or 13th century.

Agioi Akindinoi

The Agioi Akindinoi Church is situated at the end of the road that goes by the soccer field of Antimaheia, opposite the airport. It is a beautiful church nestled on a little hillock overlooking the whole island.

Waterfall near the Asclepeion

This waterfall is situated on the Zeioula river just after the Asclepeion. You reach it by taking the road on your right just after the bridge next to the watermill.