Of Scorpions

Well I guess I finally got to take some shots of a scorpion.... I've been on the prowl for a long time... Enjoy!!!!

Hippocratic Altis and the Hippocratic International Foundation of Kos

 On the top of a hillock overlooking the town of Kos inside the grounds of the Hippocratic International Foundation (just before the archeological site of the Asclepeion) lies a beautiful garden where you will find the statue of the Hippocratic Altis. The statue is a creation of a Japanese artist and water used to surge out of the mouths of the two serpents that support the statue.

Myrties on the island of Kalymnos

The village of Myrties is situated just opposite the island of Telendos and you can access Telendos by fishing boat (every half hour) on practically a 24 hour basis. It is a small village with a few Rooms to let, some small hotels and a few tavernas.