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Aghios Theologos in the Dikaios Mountains

The Aghios Theologos Church is situated on a hillside of the Dikaios Mountains facing Kardamena. You can check the route here: Hiking to Aghios Theologos

Hiking to Aghios Theologos in the Dikaios Mountains

This is a rather difficult hike especially on the way back, as the hillside is quite steep. It starts off on the path to Christos but then veers off about 500 meters or so as you go along. At the crossroad the direction to take is clearly indicated in red letters on a stone "Aghios Theologos". After that the route is relatively clear but marks and indications get rarer as you get closer to the Church.

Going there in summer is not recommended unless you go there early in the morning thus avoiding the heat.

The Soulas Spring

Situated next to the Zeioula river between the sixth and seventh watermill this somewhat hidden hot spring forms a pool that is warm enough to be bathed in even in the dead of winter. Something for the brave to consider.... 
As with all the ancient Natural hot springs of the area it is supposed to have some healing powers...

The Kermete Mosque

The Kermete Mosque is situated in the Platani region near Kos Town. It is the only fully operational Mosque on the island of Kos. The surrounding village originally known as Kermetes was renamed Platani in 1964 in an effort to limit the appellations of Turkish origin. Most of the 1500 muslims living on the island actually live in this little village. The Mosque was built in 1778 by Hadji Hasan Pasa.  There is a small building close to the Mosque which is used as a library and houses a number of old Turkish books. There are also a couple of taps used for ablutions. The remains of the original ablution area are situated opposite the Mosque on the other side of the street.

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