Walking around the Psalidi Lake

The Psalidi lake is a significant landmark housing plenty of characteristic fauna and flora of the local wetlands. Around it and also through it there is a path, that is kept in relatively good condition all year round, although the overgrown brambles in some parts, mainly during the spring, might get a little in the way. Overall  this is a really pleasant place to go for a walk, some of the way is protected under the shadows of trees (mainly eucalyptus trees) and generally speaking the lush greenery (because of the water) makes for a refreshing environment especially during the summer months. A few cows graze here and there during the winter and spring as you can notice in the picture and you will probably encounter some of the birds living in the wetlands (mostly ducks) although a lot of them (and especially the more shy, rarer and larger birds) tend to hide among the dense bamboo that grows in a large part of the area.


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