Kos Top

Views out of the top of the Psoriaris Mountain

The top of Mount Psoriaris is a great place to go and get a feel of the island of Kos. Since it is relatively easy to reach, it is convenient to go there at different times of day or during different seasons to get to look upon the island under different conditions. The Koan plains are clearly visible at your feet with the Tigaki Salt pan being the landmark that clearly stands out, but you can also discern the villages of Zipari, Tigaki and Marmari. A bit further away on the horizon you can distinguish the island of Pserimos and on the left Platy and Kalymnos. On your right hand side you will recognise Kos Town and further away Bodrum and the Turkish shores while on you left hand side you might be able to identify the village of Mastichari. If you look higher up on the Mountains on your right hand side you might distinguish, in the Asfendiou area, the villages of Lagoudi, Assomatos and Evangelistria. The views of the Pyli settlement and the Castle are quite exceptional but I will dwell upon them in a Post especially dedicated to those. Enjoy the pictures....

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