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Vathi on the island of Pserimos

This is a truly stunning Bay that is sheltered from the wind letting you enjoy to the fullest the clear blue sea and the small stretch of beach. It is just 20 minutes or so away from the Harbor and there are signs clearly indicating the way, so it's really easy to get there although the path becomes rather small once you are past the olive groves.  As you can notice on the pictures there are plenty of boats around, mainly sailing boats coming in for a quick stopover, as their occupants take the time to go for a dip or to grab a bite to eat. It really does get crowded sometimes especially during the summer month's weekends and worst of all the noise can be quite annoying so it's usually better to go there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. As in the case of Marathonda there is debris around but to a lesser extent as I suspect some of the people passing by actually pile them up here and there. There are also a few fish farms, but they are further out and don't really spoil the overall landscape. All in all it is probably the best beach on the island, although it's far from being the most secluded...

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