Walking around Pserimos island

Pserimos is a beautiful little island situated close to the island of Kalymnos. There are boats that go there every  day from Kalymnos and since last year there is a boat from Mastichari, on the island of Kos departing, during the summer months, on Saturday and Sunday morning and returning on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon. You can get a lot covered in one day if you intend to go there for a day trip. On the other hand the ticket from Mastichari one way is just 5 euros, so you can even go there for a change of scenery, a dip in the clear blue waters and some lunch in a somewhat more laid back atmosphere away from all the fuss of the traffic you might find on other islands (there are practically no cars on Pserimos island) although, to be honest, there are a lot of tourists there during the day and it can get crowded. You might need to get away to more remote parts of the island that are seldom reached by the masses. 
During my stay I visited most of the island, with it's rugged terrain full of rocks and scarce vegetation. The enormous olive groves that have been recently created in order to develop the local agricultural sector are probably the only "green" parts of the island. A few people manage to live off the land and a good number of the locals are fishermen with close ties to Kalymnos while the large majority just spends the tourist season on Pserimos catering to the numerous tourists. There are a few secluded beaches here and there that are quite a welcome sight when toiling around in the summer heat: Marathonda Beach, Grafiotissa Beach and Vathy, just to name  a few. I will be getting into more details in posts specifically dedicated to these beaches. Other than that, I would recommend that you equip yourself with loads of water and snacks if you wander off, as there are none to be found away from the Main Harbor. You will get to see a few churches, some local fauna such as donkeys, sheep, goats, a number of beehives scattered here and there, some springs and some wells but mostly you will notice the rocky mountainous terrain and the desolation on the outer edges with the exception of the odd goat that might be struggling along, coupled to the astonishing little coves and beaches that will amaze you and hopefully let you enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool pure waters of the Mediterranean.

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