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Of Dragonflies

Throughout the year 2015 dragonflies have made me very much aware of their presence. As I hike around the island of Kos they seem to appear unexpectedly, fluttering around in a somewhat carefree manner in the most remote areas of the island. Although they look fragile with their thin little wings and their relatively small delicate bodies, in most cases, they seem to endure in an extremely harsh environment that would put anyone of us to the test. Often enough they seem to be indifferent to the scorching summer heat usually perched on the extremity of some plant or twig awaiting restlessly until they finally decide to fly off to their next destination. I was quite surprised to encounter them in Kefalos where their presence in relatively large numbers is quite common even though there is not much water around. Of course they also abound in what would seem to me to be more like their typical natural habitat, namely around the Tigaki Salt Pan area and of course the Psalidi Lake where I was lucky enough to witness and record their mating ritual. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the red ones probably because they stand out with their vivid colour that contrasts with the earthy, or the white and blue that we kind of come to expect in a Greek scenery. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have selected and maybe this post will encourage you to seek them out on your next trip to Kos...

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