There are a number of vilages but only one Town on the Greek island of Kos. Some of the villages, like the few that are nestled in the Dikaios mountain range, maintain more of a traditional look to them, while others are built more randomly in a somewhat more utilitarian fashion... Plenty of the newer villages are right next to the sea, built to cater to the needs of the booming tourism industry and you can  often go for a pleasant stroll along the beautiful shoreline walkways that stretch for miles, while most of the older ones, often embedded in lush greenery, were built on top of mountains or hills in order to protect their inhabitants from the attacks of raiders, conquerors and pirates that scourged the whole Dodekanese right up until the beginning of the twentieth century. Kos Town is the capital of the island and has in essence been a vast archaeological site since the Italians uncovered the ancient ruins that emerged in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 1933. Most of the remaining buildings in the city center are proud remnants or should I say representatives of the island's past: five Mosques from the Ottoman era, plenty of buildings with classic 1930s Italian architectural traits, a Synagogue, a Catholic church...

Kos is a very large island and if you look around you will surely find the perfect location for your vacation. There are mainly two kinds of places to stay:

  • easy going kind of places where you can just sit back and revel in the sun, relax in the beautiful Aegean sea, and enjoy the wonderful Greek food and drink, 
  • places that cater to a younger crowd full of crowded beach bars, and uplifting nightlife, where ouzo shots and plenty of Greek beer are the norm

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