Since ancient times Rosemary has been known for its capacity to stimulate memory and has been used as a symbol of remembrance in social gatherings… Reference to the plant can be found in ancient myths, in Don Quixote and Hamlet… This woody perennial herb with needle like evergreen leaves is a native Mediterranean plant. In upright form it reaches 1.5 to 2 meters in height, but it can also be found in crawling form. Trumpet shaped blue-white flowers grow as extensions to the needle like leaves. This plant grows very well in Greece and is a key component of most gardens.
Rosemary is widely used in Greek cuisine mostly to spice up, compliment or enrich food, it provides an outstanding aroma to roasted meats and fish and is largely used in marinades, salads, breads, cooked greens and soups. Somewhat more rarely you can encounter the tea format which is said to stimulate and help concentration. The Rosemary extracts are blended into a wide range of beauty products as the scent is quite distinct and soothing.
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