Piso Therma Hot Springs

The Piso Therma springs are situated a few kilometers south-westerly from the Empros Therma in a remote area of the island that is difficult to access. This Thermal spring was used since ancient times as can be witnessed by the scattered remnants of buildings that you can notice even today -most of them being relatively recent i.e. from the Italian Era. The water wich reaches a temperature of 46 degrees is very good for therapies of the liver. Close to the spring you will find the beautiful church of Aghia Eirini. Access is very difficult from land as you have to cross the Dikaios Mountain range to get there or make your way along the rugged coastline, often wading through the sea, so most people choose to go there by boat. The mountains that soar behind it give you a sense of calm and seclusion.

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