Of Geckos

Geckos are lizards which can be found in a lot of the inhabited buildings of the island. They are rather small reaching a maximum size of 15 cms in length and light pink in colour. Thanks to their specialized toe pads they are able to easily go across smooth vertical surfaces such as glass and even cross indoor ceilings where you will most certainly notice them. Since they are rather fearful, they scatter as soon as they feel some kind of threat. They are nocturnal creatures and chances are that you will detect them at night.

They are able to loose their tail in defense and often enough you will see them going around without a tail as they get it caught inside a closing door. They are usually a welcome sight in any household often thought to bring luck as they feed on insects and more importantly on mosquitoes... Most of the time they will gather near light where the insects tend to hover. They are usually shy little animals and if perchance you spot them they will either stay still expecting not to be noticed or just flee...

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