Walking from the Main Harbor to Grafiotisa and back, on the island of Pserimos

The little trail leading to Grafiotisa is somewhat difficult to find. It starts on the left side of Pserimos harbor as you come in but if you ask around you will definitely end up finding it. The view over the Harbor is really fantastic and once you are over the first cliff you will get to admire the arid landscape and the exquisite shoreline as well as parts of the islands of Kos and Kalymnos and of course a full view of the island of Platy. In this post I chose to depict the way back from Grafiotisa to the Harbor as in the late afternoon, having the sun behind me, I was better positioned to take compelling photos. Part of the way is actually paved and looks relatively old reminding me somewhat of the Italian pathway linking Pothia to Vathi on the island of Kalymnos. On the way, there are practically only small dry bushes around and the few scattered trees are really scarce, making the walk somewhat strenuous if you choose to do it under the sun. Be sure to take a lot of water to avoid getting too dehydrated.

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