Grafiotisa Beach

Of all the beaches on Pserimos island, the Grafiotisa Beach is probably the most picturesque as the remains of half of the old church, lying at the edge of the cliff, add to the charm of the place. The sand is white and the red cliffs are really impressive. This is a rather remote beach, as few are those who will actually venture to hike over the cliffs on the relatively small trail leading there from the Harbor. The hike takes roughly half an hour but at a brisk pace you could probably manage it in 20 minutes. Although a number of boats go past as they sail to Pserimos from Kalymnos, there is no sheltered mooring to be found in the area, and seldom do any of them actually stop there. All in all I would say this is the best choice if you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a beautiful part of the island.

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