Walking up Mount Psoriaris

Hiking to the top of the Mount Psoriaris is probably one of my favorite walks. It's a short distance that can be covered in roughly twenty minutes, with a few tricky points here and there. Getting started is not that easy since you must go to the entrance of the Old Pyli site and look for the trail on the right side of the stream (with the sea at your back). You should encounter the sign that's on the first photo on the left.
On the top of  Mount Psoriaris, overlooking the Koan plains, lies a a huge plateau from which you can admire a large part of the island. A handsome reward for a rather undemanding hike. Mount Psoriari also dominates over the Old Pyli Castle and settlement offering an incredible view over the ruins of this splendid Medieval city and its fortifications. Plenty of benches can be found on the way so you can rest at ease and eat a snack. A number of waste bins have also been provided contributing to keeping the place tidy and clean. A lot of goats roam in the area and you will come across them in some of the most unexpected places.

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