The island of Telendos is situated opposite Kalymnos from which it was separated in the 6th century A.D. following an earthquake. Administratively, the island still belongs to Kalymnos. It consists of a large mountain and only the southern, flatter part of the island, is inhabited. There are small boats departing to and from Telendos to Myrties on the island of Kalymnos every half hour from early in the morning to late at night, so it's a really easy transfer as soon as you get to Myrties. The cost is just 2 eur one way, so it's not much of an expense. Telendos is separated from Kalymnos by a stretch of sea of roughly 1 kilometer, so potentially you could even swim across if you really feel like it... There are no cars on the island and a paved alley has been built along the shoreline. It's the ideal place for a stroll to be followed by a nice meal at the waterfront.
For the more adventurous among you there are a few caves to visit high up on the mountain, while thrill seekers can go to the numerous sites favored by climbers. A number of monuments and archaeological sites are located on the island including a Paleochristian Necropolis, some Basilicas and a Byzantine settlement. The beaches are few and relatively small although the clear waters are certainly inviting. The views of Kalymnos are simply astounding and you should definitely spend some time admiring them. The food is really good, especially the seafood, and I would recommend that you try it out. Enjoying a delicious meal with a stunning perspective of Kalymnos... you can't get much better than that

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