Walking up to Mount Zini from the Kamari Beach

This walk starts off at the Kamari Bay and ends up at the Aspri Petra Cave after having been up to the Quarry on top of Mount Zini just after Panagia Ziniotisa. This is a 9km walk and can be quite strenuous, especially the first stretch, as the road is quite steep.
For those of you who would like to take it easy the best thing to do, in my view, is to go and visit the first three or four sights: the Kamari Beach and the ruins just next to the beach, the Kamari Basilica, the Palatiani Church and then leave your means of transport (car, bike, scooter...) opposite the Palatia Theater, next to the water source, as there is ample room to park there. This way you can reduce the hike by half and get back to your vehicle inside 2-3hours while still getting to enjoy a stroll in the beautiful pine forests that cover Mount Zini. Don't forget to visit the Palatia Theater preferably in the afternoon, with the sun at your back, as the view of the Kamari Bay is absolutely stunning. Panagia Ziniotisa on Top of Mount Zini overlooks the Bay while if you continue down the path to the old quarry you will get even more extraordinary perspectives from different vantage points. Last but not least, you can trot over to the Aspri Petra Cave and explore the area where the first inhabitants of the island used to take shelter. If you are still up and walking strong you can  keep on going down the road and reach the little bay, for a nice refreshing swim.

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